This research is an exploration of multiple concepts related to sounds. We believe that the perception of an architecture is constructed through the diversity of sensory perceptions. Thus the synthesis between the art of space and the art of time simultaneously informs us about the nature of a place and its use value, its destination.
We will try to understand this "sound character" and how it is intimately linked to the geometric and material properties of a space. We are convinced of the potential of sound as a material capable of helping in the design of an architecture rich in meaning.
Our goal: to broaden our field of investigation as an architect and artist and to lay the foundations, admittedly incomplete but necessary, for the idea of initiating a collective reflection on sound matter.
This fragmentary collection deals with 9 subjects: sound matter, space, variability, emancipation, silence, ambient, sensoriality, sound volume, wandering, etc. An account of the potentialities expresses the different concrete experiments.


This is a center of identity expression, conceived as The New Necessary Program for the Metropolis. Its potentiality: to give wandering minorities a place for exchange, sharing, and struggle to manifest and express themselves, as an alternative to connected platforms and social networks. The platform acts as a social condenser, where people meet between minorities and militate together to assert their rights. These minorities are attracted to this colorful space to consume and cultivate their differences, to feel safe to be themselves, to join and organize around common values. We take the intensity of the metropolis and put it in a platform in the middle of the fields. This takes up the idea of big festivals, euphoric places, a parallel world that feeds off the metropolitan intensity.


The Speculative Palace is located just a few bends in the river, it overlooks the Grand Canal Dock.
It is a Mannerist figure, who does not idealize a great revolution, but rather the change of an era that belongs to us, and which sews together the permanence of the city. A bar (hotel) examines societal needs; a neo-constructivist structure (utilitarist skeleton) raises it; a social pier animates it; a Consultative Palace (Economic Organization) for the New World operates it; a lock (hydroelectric power plant) feeds it. A shelter that generates common for men; a composition capable of capturing their flow, ergonomists as well as users, and making them converge, all aimed at accompanying the worlds state of maximum entropic dissimilarity, where the metaphor implies the civic sense of architecture.

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