Univers Cosmique is a collection of furniture that explores different processes to create an optimal and original workspace. Based on 9 objects considered “primal”, these items are utilized to shape and divide space. Through their interaction with each other and with space, they manipulate, divide, gather, and conquer the area dedicated to work. Each of these objects is "space generators", so each can be utilized independently of the others. This office landscape is punctuated or sequenced by these 9 objects - commonly enumerated by a table, a chair, a lamp, a clock, a dividing wall, a carpet, a coat rack, and a speaker.

Univers cosmique could be available for either an independent worker or a larger company providing this service to its employees. This collection is for people who require a flexible environment and the ability to move along with the projects. The objects are each selected for their value in an office space and are shaped to create a relation between the objects. They will interact with space in different ways, and are flexible in positioning, achieving numerous possible compositions. The future of offices lies in the possibility of change, as we are constantly developing our ways of working, and the possibility of movement, to follow the globalization of the world.

Location: variable
Status: competition
Collaboration: Magnhild Sandbakken
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