This is a center of identity expression, conceived as The New Necessary Program for the Metropolis. Its potentiality: to give wandering minorities a place for exchange, sharing, and struggle to manifest and express themselves, as an alternative to connected platforms and social networks. The platform acts as a social condenser, where people meet between minorities and militate together to assert their rights. These minorities are attracted to this colorful space to consume and cultivate their differences, to feel safe to be themselves, to join and organize around common values. We take the intensity of the metropolis and put it in a platform in the middle of the fields. This takes up the idea of big festivals, euphoric places, a parallel world that feeds off the metropolitan intensity. The social machine where one comes for a limited time. It is a field of ephemeral objects positioned in an ambiguous landscape, which gives the impression of an endless expanse (ambiguous landscape). The proximity of the airport creates an intense machine that provokes global manifestations. The platform is buried in the subsoil on 3 layers of intensity. Space-generating objects. The ground is designed as a slab of punched metal panels in which objects are anchored. It is the idea of the free plan, for great flexibility, which brings us back to the condition of nomadism. The plan is based on 5 space-generating objects.The free wall divides the space and creates subspaces.The tent, a typical nomadic object, is an intimate and flexible space for sleeping. He takes up the idea of setting up his camp with his minority.The heating mat is a social condenser around which we gather and exchange. Metaphorically, it represents fire, the basic element of human socialization.The climax is the celebration of the staircase, which no longer becomes a simple connection from one floor to another, but a place of meeting and struggle between different minorities. It reinterprets both the auditorium through verbal confrontation, as well as the arena where one engages physically.Neon is the 5th element that contributes to create landscapes of light. More than simply generating a space, it gives it an atmosphere conducive to liberating activities.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Collaboration: Noémie Ali, Claire Heuschkel
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