AR L A B engages in a collective pursuit of uncovering ideas and architectural processes. Our core is motivated by the modulation of the space through minimal interventions like devices and innovative design applications. Launched in 2019 by Marianne Ghorayeb, Romain D’Incau, and Diana Fueyo, our cross-disciplinary Studio is led by a team of architects, designers, and artists. We produce urban design-related projects ranging in scope and context, from houses, museums, and public schools in Switzerland and France to small-scale interventions. Our projects emphasize human experiences by creating environmentally and socially responsible environments yet aesthetically progressive. Our architectural practice is bonded to permanent research regarding historical references and new digital technologies. We want to offer “the best for the least for the most.” The best possible quality for the least amount of money, for most people. We use the tools of artists and artisans (scale models, molding, and sculpture) to articulate our ideas into materiality. Our work is an ongoing, ever-evolving process of collaboration. We like to approach each project from the context in which it is set up, and we are proud of our theoretical and practical “know-how,” which we have developed over the years. Additionally, we rely on the collaborative aspect of creating architecture with different eyes and hands, cultures, countries, and social backgrounds. We believe that collaboration is the key to pushing any ideology beyond its boundaries.

Marianne Ghorayeb


Marianne is an architect, master graduate from The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. She is an Artist, and philosophy student, and her research revolves around sculpture based on raw materials. Additionally, she is a member of the City Council in Vevey (VD)

“My main aim is to release a new vision of the urban landscape, which for so long has been conditioned and constrained to its functionalism. I propose that the need to redefine our landscapes goes through the need of redefining our core conception of urban architecture: what if the form was no longer an obligation but a multitude of possibilities that considered the materials and the potentialities they offer to us? New landscape, new conception towards a conscious and multidisciplinary design.”


2021- Naomi Mikael
2021- Esteban Germann


2021    Maëva Gire
2021    Kathleen Pickavance
2021    Ines Khaldi
2021    Nicolás Boscoboinik
2021    Abir Ezzedine
2021    Azra Ural
2020   Noémie Ali
2020   Claire Heuschkel
2019    Mui Sadler

Romain D’Incau / former partner at AR L A B
Maxime Willemin / construction project manager


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Laboratory of architecture and research

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