The project seeks to minimize its visual impact by interacting with the surrounding agricultural infrastructure on the Geneva Plateau. It bears witness to the built rural heritage and finds its place, so to speak, naturally in a well-preserved environment.
Access to the site has been completely redesigned. The entire plot of land acts as a real interchange. The layout of the project clearly delimits two areas and offers a generous garden with trees for children. The entire plot thus becomes a heavily vegetated area.
The new school is oriented along the North-West / South-East axis in order to give indirect diffuse light to the classrooms and direct light to the play areas. According to the new topography of the plot, the school has two levels in contact with the ground.
The lower ground floor, which houses the extra-curricular activities, opens onto the secure tree-lined courtyard. The upper ground floor houses the administrative offices and a classroom wing. The first floor, where the classrooms and support rooms are located, is served by a generous and appropriate foyer.
The composite concrete/wood prefabricated composite floor construction allows a sustainable strategy to be integrated into the project and speeds up construction. The selected building materials all remain natural and are made of renewable raw materials.

Location: Bardonnex, Geneva
Status: competition, second round
Collaboration: -
References: Geneva’s greenhouses

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