The Speculative Palace is located just a few bends in the river, it overlooks the Grand Canal Dock.
It is a Mannerist figure, who does not idealize a great revolution, but rather the change of an era that belongs to us, and which sews together the permanence of the city. A bar (hotel) examines societal needs; a neo-constructivist structure (utilitarist skeleton) raises it; a social pier animates it; a Consultative Palace (Economic Organization) for the New World operates it; a lock (hydroelectric power plant) feeds it. A shelter that generates common for men; a composition capable of capturing their flow, ergonomists as well as users, and making them converge, all aimed at accompanying the worlds state of maximum entropic dissimilarity, where the metaphor implies the civic sense of architecture.

The building contains restaurants, a lounge, wellness, fitness, meeting rooms, and coworking. There is an alternative mode of occupancy with a soft shimmering partitioning with curtains, in contradiction to the vio- lence of the structure. These shim- mering draped surfaces are used to give a certain degree of illusionism. The seriality of the typology seeks to reinforce the illusion of infinity, the same infinity studied by the Italian utopians of the 1960s. There is there- fore a strong ambivalence between privacy and community in the plans. We try to talk about the typology of the “digital-industrial complex” inspired by the giants of the web, which is based on a metaphor of the end of networked privacy, an open- source program.

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Collaboration: Candice Joyce Blanc
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